Thursday, June 12, 2014

E's kilt tartan

Like many beginning dancers we sourced our kilt second hand.

A kilt is a big investment - and quite frankly I wanted to know she would stick with dancing before I invested in a brand new kilt.

It also gives her time to truly know what tartans look good on stage and which ones she likes.

I have, however wondered for quite some time what tartan this kilt was. There are just so many in the world it was hard to find out!

It turns out that E is wearing Dress Green Gilles. Thank you to the person on dancenet who was kind enough to answer my question!

Although E loves the modern aquas and purples I love this kilt. It swings beautifully as she dances and she looks beautiful in it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Review : practice swords from Rachel Dances

I admit it. I'm a bad highland dancing mum.

For a long time Miss E practised her sword dance without swords cause it was just all too hard!
And the swords I found were just far too expensive.

Then a google search led me to Racheldances on facebook.

The swords have are made from mild steel with a plastic hilt for safety. You can choose from a myriad of colours for your hilt - we chose blue as Miss E loves aqua and is starting to get a little bit over the traditional girly pink and purple.

For beginners you can lay the swords the other way for a flatter sword for practice.

All up, including post to Australia from the UK the swords were approx $60AUD for the pair. Definately within budget.

I have certainly seen Miss E's sword improve with practice with real swords. They are sturdy, true to size and definately worth the price.

A short video review is here on youtube

Facebook page

Please note- this is an unpaid review. I purchased these myself and am reviewing them after. All opinions are my own.