Sunday, February 1, 2015

SQRDCHDI Dancer Workshop

What a big weekend it just was!

E was so excited to start the new year attending the SQRDCHDI dancer workshop in Brisbane. It was a 2 day workshop (3 hours dancing each day) with guest teacher Linda Armstrong of the USA.

What a wonderful opportunity for the girls to dance beside the people who are normally their competitors and to learn together!

As a beginner E participated in sessions for the fling, sword dance and lilt on the Saturday and the Seann Triubhas, Strathspey/Reel and Flora Macdonald's fancy on the Sunday.

We were even luckier that our teacher was able to attend and take notes ... I look forward to hearing from her what was particularly important for E to take home from the day.

My girl was very excited to attend and said she learnt a lot - including a few new steps.
I can't wait to see her put into practice what she learnt :)

And the dance year has officially BEGUN!

And we are off! Lessons are back - classes have commenced! The dancing year has begun!

I really feel sorry for teacher - the first day of classes most of our girls are still officially on holidays. So she has the fine job of calming them down and getting them to focus!

Initial numbers look like E will have 8 girls in her class. A nice number. Some are more advanced but the teacher seems to work well with that. E has noticed it and told me the class will be a great opportunity to get her technique right. I hope she can keep that focus and really learn from all the instruction!

After class E has been asked to stay behind for the beginning of the senior students class. I think this is a great transition for her. This week she stayed and worked on the reel with them.

Wednesday morning is an early start for us as E has requested a private lesson each week and we have fit this in on Wednesdays before school. It was a little rushed - especially being the first day of school! But we had a really good lesson and she focussed so well. Much of the class was picking apart small details of her dances that need improvement with a particular focus made on a step in the flora and the sword.

To E's delight the second half was spent working on the hornpipe! She is loving learning this! It is an intermediate dance and she is still only a beginner but it gives her such joy (and it really suits her dance style!)

E was so focussed during her private. It made me really pleased to see. The other reason I love her privates is I get to stay and watch and learn as well. It certainly makes practice more effective at home.

Week one done ... although there is still a big adventure ahead this weekend! More on that soon!