Monday, October 20, 2014

How true is this

Even after seeing these girls dance their 7th dance on the weekend they would finish poised and smiling.

So amazing!

One final comp for the year

Once again we travelled to Brisbane Sunday for the Southern Qld Championships and competition.

This has been a fairly low key prep to this competition this year. E has been practicing steadily - but really more focused just in the last month. She has also not had private lessons at all through this time (apart from one on school holidays).

It has been a nice change though - she seems to be approaching practice with a new maturity and doesn't fight me to do it ... (just doesn't like too much critism either!)

When we arrived we discovered E was in the beginner's 9 and 10 years section. This was the first time she has had to compete with girls a year older than her.

First dance was her lilt - and it was lovely! And she was rewarded - third place~!

Her flora was next - and it was lovely. I am really seeing her understand the grace in the music more.
Unfortunately she did not place - even her teacher was a little suprised - but these things happen.

A quick change and into her kilt outfit for the highland dances.

Her fling was lovely - her turnout has improved very much over the last year. E placed 5th in this.

Then the swords. Once again she had some sliding on the stage in the swords. It seems to be a consistent problem for her on this stage - and it was evident that other dancers also struggled. No place in the swords.

Trophy fling was next. She danced a lovely fling and still danced strongly even though she had had a very long day. Perhaps all the running she does pays off in increased stamina.

Her final dance was the strathspey and highland reel. She was devastated as she felt she had made a tiny mistake and it was her last chance to have a square marked off on her beginner card this year. She really really REALLY wanted that square marked off.

In fact - she had gone outside to play with her little sister when the results were announced. She came running in! THIRD in the reel!!! I have never seen her so happy! I think that square meant more to her than any trophy could!

Finally the numbers were called up for the presentation on stage.

E got 5th in the title and 4th for her trophy fling!! Such a happy girl!

So much improvement this year! The comp was well worth the travel - her practice was well rewarded and her confidence is up!

Onwards and upwards to next year!

A modified hornpipe!

How much fun was this! Five of the girls in E's highland class were given the opportunity to perform their dancing in the school musical!

Time was short - they had one lesson to learn the dance - but the girls were able to perform a modified hornpipe in their musical "A school for pirates".

Big credit to the girls who took care of rehearsals and polished the dance themselves!

I have video - just need to figure out how to load it!

Fun and fabulous work!

Displays Displays and more displays!

Tis the season of school fetes and spring fairs it seems!

Miss E and her friends have been very busy performing! It has been a wonderful opportunity for them.

One of the things I love about highland dance is the many opportunities they get to perform.

It is not only a fabulous way of promoting Highland Dancing, but it gives the girls excellent practise in performing in front of an audience.

I also firmly believe they need to learn how to behave when they are representing dance, and their studio. Displays give them plenty of opportunity to practise that!

Oh- and it's fun!

Their is nothing better than getting dressed and dancing!

The little dancers love sharing the stage with the older girls too!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

International Tartan Day

International Tartan Day is July 1.

As things would have it - this fell in line with the first day of our girls school holidays this year.

E's teacher had a fabulous - and slightly crazy idea. They would dress in their kilts (of course) and do random acts of highland throughout the town!

International tartan day is celebrated by the Scots in recognition of the scots defying a ban by the English on wearing tartan.

 First stop ... they interupted a Step class at the local gym!

Showed those fitness fanatics just how much hard work a fling is!

Then another fling outside the local barber shop ...

A chemist ...

Inside the cinema ...

In the main street of town ...

The national bank ...

 And inside a local coffee shop!

The girls then performed a lengthier display at the Senior Citizens morning tea ...

 And the croquet club!

Several other locations were visited including a basketball court, more local stores and the council chambers where a local piper ensured a fantastic audience was gathered!

So much fun and a great way to celebrate highland

Scotia Highland Dancing Competition

 9th of June was another great comp for Miss E.

Once again the venue was the Bracken Ridge High school. This is a venue we really like. We've been there enough to know it well, and it is in an area we are familiar with. It is a big day out tho with plenty of driving!

This competition was the first that E danced in all her beginner dancers as we could finally add the Strathspey and Highland Reel to her dances.  She danced her reel beautifully - especially for a new dance - but unfortunately did not place.

I am continually amazed with how well she copes with competition. I think now my job is to learn to step back, and let her have as much independance as possible. She doesn't like "smothering" and is quite a capable little dancer.

Trophy Highland Fling - 8th
Title Scottish Lilt - 7th
Title Sword dance - 4th
Flora McDonald's Fancy -5th
Scotia title  - 7th

It was a big section with lots of talented dancers. E danced well -but also knows she has lots of ways to improve!

Oh - and Scotia trophies are lovely !