Friday, January 9, 2015

End of year presentations

 Merry Christmas! What a wonderful year for highland it has been - and how fabulous to see how much every dancer at the studio has grown as a dancer this year! (and how the studio has grown too!)

It was wonderful to come together for the end of year presentations, photo and christmas party (and how grateful we were for an air  conditioned venue!

 We were thrilled to see E presented with her grade one exam results - honours. She worked so hard for it.

 Even more so we were so proud when she was presented as joint most improved dancer. I can honestly say she has practiced her little heart out this year - and especially at her last comp we began seeing a new strength and focus in her dancing. It was so lovely to see this recognised and I know that she treasures her trophy.

It has been an absolutely fabulous year for miss e. She is so excited about next year. Learning the hornpipe is a special joy at the moment ... and she has great ambition to get into novice level!

Fingers crossed next year will bring even more success

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