Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thistle! First comp of the year!

So - at the start of the year I promised myself I would keep this blog update ... but it's now May and I am blogging about a comp from March ...yep ... failed at that! Anyway ... onto the dancing!

Our first comp of the year was Thistle. Not one we have done before and not one our school attends each year (travel becomes an issue when you live in the country!). It was a nice comp to start the year though, and to get the girls started in the comp season.

It was definately one of  E's most consistent comps to date- 4th in the fling, 3rd in the sword, 4th in the Seann triubhas, 3rd in the flora, 4th in the trophy fling, and 4th in the title.

She was actually awarded and presented the medal for 3rd in the fling ... but seconds before her lilt was called up and told she was actually 4th. She conducted herself beautifully and graciously returned her medal and accepted the new one, but it did shake the poor girl. (understandably). She had to go immediately from this to marshalling for the lilt without time to regroup and I do think it effected her dancing in the lilt.

However - despite not placing in the lilt she danced beautifully, placed well, and got another Beginner Square marked with the sword dance.

Feedback from her teacher was that a teacher from another studio had noticed how well she was progressing - this was a beautiful complement to her too.

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