Sunday, October 19, 2014

International Tartan Day

International Tartan Day is July 1.

As things would have it - this fell in line with the first day of our girls school holidays this year.

E's teacher had a fabulous - and slightly crazy idea. They would dress in their kilts (of course) and do random acts of highland throughout the town!

International tartan day is celebrated by the Scots in recognition of the scots defying a ban by the English on wearing tartan.

 First stop ... they interupted a Step class at the local gym!

Showed those fitness fanatics just how much hard work a fling is!

Then another fling outside the local barber shop ...

A chemist ...

Inside the cinema ...

In the main street of town ...

The national bank ...

 And inside a local coffee shop!

The girls then performed a lengthier display at the Senior Citizens morning tea ...

 And the croquet club!

Several other locations were visited including a basketball court, more local stores and the council chambers where a local piper ensured a fantastic audience was gathered!

So much fun and a great way to celebrate highland

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