Monday, October 20, 2014

One final comp for the year

Once again we travelled to Brisbane Sunday for the Southern Qld Championships and competition.

This has been a fairly low key prep to this competition this year. E has been practicing steadily - but really more focused just in the last month. She has also not had private lessons at all through this time (apart from one on school holidays).

It has been a nice change though - she seems to be approaching practice with a new maturity and doesn't fight me to do it ... (just doesn't like too much critism either!)

When we arrived we discovered E was in the beginner's 9 and 10 years section. This was the first time she has had to compete with girls a year older than her.

First dance was her lilt - and it was lovely! And she was rewarded - third place~!

Her flora was next - and it was lovely. I am really seeing her understand the grace in the music more.
Unfortunately she did not place - even her teacher was a little suprised - but these things happen.

A quick change and into her kilt outfit for the highland dances.

Her fling was lovely - her turnout has improved very much over the last year. E placed 5th in this.

Then the swords. Once again she had some sliding on the stage in the swords. It seems to be a consistent problem for her on this stage - and it was evident that other dancers also struggled. No place in the swords.

Trophy fling was next. She danced a lovely fling and still danced strongly even though she had had a very long day. Perhaps all the running she does pays off in increased stamina.

Her final dance was the strathspey and highland reel. She was devastated as she felt she had made a tiny mistake and it was her last chance to have a square marked off on her beginner card this year. She really really REALLY wanted that square marked off.

In fact - she had gone outside to play with her little sister when the results were announced. She came running in! THIRD in the reel!!! I have never seen her so happy! I think that square meant more to her than any trophy could!

Finally the numbers were called up for the presentation on stage.

E got 5th in the title and 4th for her trophy fling!! Such a happy girl!

So much improvement this year! The comp was well worth the travel - her practice was well rewarded and her confidence is up!

Onwards and upwards to next year!

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