Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Competition 3. St Andrew's Day

Blogging catchup continues!!

Excuse my indulgence in travelling back through my daughter's competitions - but if I am to keep this blog I would like it to be a complete record of her progress through the years!

Plus - this competition gives me the first chance of showing of her new Aboyne!

 St Andrew's Day competition was held at Bracken Ridge in November 2013. It was her first Brisbane comp, and honestly - the first comp that she practiced hard for.

Miss Marleen had been incredibly generous with her time, making herself available for private lessons, and also attending the day with us even though we were her only student attending.

It really made such a difference to have her focussing with Miss E before each dance and we are very grateful.

 We will forever remember this comp for how HOT it was.
Poor E - I spent most of the day helping her keep as cool as possible.
Note to self - put a couple of hand fans to take to comps in the dance bag, and a towel you can dampen down too if necessary. I felt so sorry for her dressed in wool and velvet.
 Second note to self. Be careful - dance shoes get slippery.

Poor E had a little slip (and recovered beautifully) in her sword dance.
Tips given by her teacher was to sand the shoes lightly, or to dampen them down.
I'd love to know what works for you. One for further research I think.

This comp - was the comp when I suddenly saw E figure it out. Maybe it was because it was just her and none of her friends to play about with - but she became so focussed. She wanted to run through each dance before performing. She was watching the higher level girls - and commenting on why she thought they did so well.

The results reflected the practise she had done.
5th overall. 5th in the Trophy Highland Fling. 4th in the lilt and 3rd in the flora.

She has declared the flora her new favourite dance.

A very happy girl

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