Monday, May 5, 2014

How it all began

How sweet are they?

Back in 2012 our girls received an invitation to attend a trial term of Highland dance classes at the nearby Highland Dance school.

So - because it sounded like fun, and was low pressure (no shoes or costumes required ... at the time!) we thought we would give it a go!

I was thrown into a whole new world. A world of words I had never heard of, that made me realise how little I knew about dance and Scotland in general!

The girls loved it! They were mainly from the same school and they thought it was a heap of fun! The mummy's were excited to see them learning (and wondered how long they would sound like a herd of elephants!)

It started out as something to trial. But we soon discovered the girls were hooked.

This is there first perfomance on grandparents day. The girls were still so new but they did pas de basques as an older dancer danced the sword on stage. We didn't even have our own proper costumes at that stage - just borrowed ones from the teacher!

Ahh things were so simple then!

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