Monday, May 5, 2014

Competition number two - highs and lows

Competition number two was Bernadette's in Toowoomba.

At this comp Miss E again danced the sword, fling and trophy highland fling.

It was a day of ups and downs for my little dancer.

She did not place in either of her flings, and all of her friends but one did.

It is hard enough to not place at this age, but in one fling she said she heard someone telling her it was the swords - so that is what she began dancing. She recovered well -but of course she was disqualified for doing the wrong steps.

I had a teary little girl to comfort, and a lesson to mama that my job on dance day is to make sure that when her section is called she is calm and focused and knows what dance is next.

Miss E had a lesson in bravery. She had to get up on stage after her teary start, and do the swords. Every time till now that she had done this dance she touched the swords.

This day though - as I watched her dance - I saw a new concentration in her. She was determined that she would do that dance. Other mamas commented on how determined she looked.

And it payed off.

THIRD in the swords. That little medal meant so very much to her today.

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