Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First comp of 2014!

It was almost a relief to get to competition day - our first comp of 2014!

We attended Bernadette's again in Toowoomba and E just scraped into the 9 year old category.

It was a big category for a Toowoomba comp, with 14 girls. And as the girls competed all day- rather than beginners in the morning it was a long day for them too. But they conducted themselves so well.

Our day started early (thank goodness we didn't have to travel on the day - thanks for the hospitality mum!) and first dance was the Highland Fling.

E did a lovely fling - but didn't place. A little disappointing for her - I think she was worried that would happen all day. She was excited for her two friends that placed tho and it was lovely to see her go and congratulate them and make sure they knew.

Our second dance of the day - was another fling! The trophy highland fling. This was a really lovely fling for E. She still has lots to work on (turn out!) but she is doing nicely.

Unlike many of the section dances, the awards for the trophy fling are presented on stage. It is always a hold your breath moment while you wait to hear if her number is called! And she was so excited to hear it she took off before I could even congratulate her!

Her first prize of the day was 6th in the Highland fling. Well done!

As always - we continued on with the Highland dances. Her sword was a lovely sword (does anyone else feel physically ill until you know they have gotten through that dance without kicking the swords?) and I can see the improvements she is making! Therewas no sword kicking and she placed 6th! How exciting!

This comp was the debut comp for E in her Seann Triubhas. To be honest - I was worried if we would even be good enough to compete in it at one stage. It has gone from one of her most hated dances - to possibly her favourite dance. She danced it nicely and when she came off the stage she said she thought it was her best Seann Triubhas ever! Once again she placed 6th! Seemed to be the day for sixes at this stage!

 On to the national dances (and yes I still love to see her in her aboyne!)
The title today consisted of the lilt and the flora - two of E's favourite dances.

I think she is really suited to these two dances - perhaps it is all those years of ballet. She does seem to have a beautiful graceful feel to these dances - they flow nicely.

E has been working hard on her lilt (with shouts of CORNERS from her mum as she practises) and danced it beautifully on the day!
Obviously this was also agreed by the judges - she was thrilled to get THIRD! Fantastic in such a big group!

Her final dance of the day was the flora. This is one of E's favourite dances, and she danced it beautifully.

Unfortunately she didn't place. She was so disappointed as she thought she danced it well - but sometimes this is just going to happen.

Overall - despite it being an incredibly long day - this was a lovely comp and she loved dancing with so many friends!

A very successful start to the year!

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