Monday, May 5, 2014

Sticker shock

Want to know something?
There is a reason the teacher doesn't discuss costume costs in the very first lesson!

As we progressed it became time to talk costs. And by costs I mean clothing.

Step one is the shoes. I am a big believer in the right shoe for the right job. And if shoes are needed for a dance then I pay for them no questions asked. $50 for ghillies - but at least they get used every lesson!

Step two is our class uniform. For the first term the girls just wore comfortable clothing. But as time progressed it is important they wear the studio uniform which provides for ease of movement and lets the teacher see the shapes their bodies are making so she can instruct properly.

We are pretty lucky at our studio. Long white socks. ($7 for two at target!), a short purple and white skirt ($20) and a black school singlet ($20 ish??) . There is also a jacket for winter and comps - I was lucky to pick one up second hand for $20. Nothing to scary there.

When the teacher starts discussing costumes however - it is a different matter.

My biggest advise is to stop and breathe. Wait to talk to the teacher. Don't google. Don't do your own research.

Yes kilts are very pricey - a complete kilt out fit could be well over $600-700 new.

But little dancers grow. And most studios have second hand outfits that can be sold on. Speak to your teacher.

Miss E's complete kilt outfit was under $200. And doesn't she look beautiful?

One day - yes - we will buy her the kilt of her dreams.

But that will be the day she commits to highland over other dance, and I don't have the expenses of concert costumes.

Don't leave costumes to the last minute - look early while you have time to source something a little cheaper.

It is an investment piece - and they will wear it for years to come.

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