Monday, May 5, 2014

How did I end up here??

How did I end up here?

Hi! I'm Kath - mum of Miss E.

And once upon a time the person voted least likely to be a highland dancing mum. Actually least likely to be an any sort of dancing mum.

Some how though - I have become the mum of a tap, jazz, contemporary and Highland dancer. (and until this term there was ballet too ....a timetable clash has meant the end of that though.

Highland seems to be starting to shine as her real love ... and it's a genre that has meant a real commitment from me.

Some days I feel like I am conducting the research of the century as I try to sort through her miriad of questions about her dance.

So I decided to blog.

Somewhere out there ... is another mother who is dying for answers about dance.

Maybe somehow we can help each other through it.

I do want to say though - that I am in no ways an expert - this is just me - trying to find my way through the muddle that is dancing from a mum's point of view.

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