Monday, May 5, 2014

Our first dances - the fling and the sword

It amazed me how quickly our little dancers progressed.

Through some stroke of magic I think - Miss Marlene, our teacher, managed to teach them the sword dance and the highland fling at approximately the same time.

It really did amaze me to turn up to the last 15 min of class each week and see what they had learnt.

Miss E seemed to progress quite well. She is a clever girl, and learning the steps is relatively easy to her. What I can see already though - is there is a big difference between learning the steps and being able to do them all in a technically correct way.

The position of the leg, the angle of the feet, the way the hands are held. They are all so important.

Some days it amazed me that we didn't drive the teacher to drink! Getting so many little girls to learn the steps in just the right way.

But she did it.

And we progressed to our first two dances - the sword dance and the highland fling.

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