Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our new aboyne - made by Gran with love

St Andrew's Day was the first competition we required an Aboyne outfit for as we were now competiting in the national dances - the flora and the lilt.

I had promised E that since we had a second hand kilt, we would make her an aboyne brand new in a colour she loved.

I found this gorgeous plaid fabric at Spotlight in Australia. It is a light wool so it hangs absolutely beautifully.

Of course - you can make an aboyne from fabrics such as cottons (most in our studio do) but I am so glad I spent the extra. Her skirt and plaid have a beautiful hang from the fabric, and they just don't crease.

She loves the pink in the skirt - it is perfect for a little girl.

The vest is a beautiful dark blue double velvet.

I will tell you now - I knew from the start that sewing these fabrics was way out of my comfort zone. I have never sewn with velvet, and I wasn't about to start so close to needing the outfit.

There was much frustration as my gorgeous mum worked out the best way to work with these fabrics (by the way - the answer is pay someone else too - or if not - baste them all together first before you sew them) but the result was stunning.

She is a happy little girl - and she looks beautiful on stage

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